Employment law snippets

Owner/ managers of SMEs are increasingly expected to grapple and come to terms with employment legislation…take the Auto-enrolment roll-out as a recent example…not to mention funding these ventures. We thought for this article we would summarise some of the upcoming pointers stakeholders ought to be aware of:

P46 – As HM Revenue & Customs continues to embrace the online culture, they have now provided a checklist for employers and even some YouTube videos to ensure new starters are put on the right code first time.

Zero Hours Contracts – These remain popular for certain employers and employees alike but a recent ruling dictates that an exclusivity clause is no longer permitted. This was highlighted by those employees who worked elsewhere or sought permission to do so.

Finding NINO – HM Revenue & Customs has updated the form for those who have lost their National Insurance Number. There is always the ever helpful 0345 telephone number but some may prefer to download the form at the www.gov.uk site.

National Living Wage – This will come into effect on 01 April 2016 dictating that all employees over the age of 25 must be paid £7.20 per hour. A conversation with one stakeholder has revealed that due to the size and age demographics of the workforce this increase is likely to erode last year’s profits.

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