Moopay Limited – in Liquidation Update

Moopay was set up in 2014 to operate a cryptocurrency trading platform but it went into liquidation later that year amid a great deal of confusion and speculation about what had happened. The company was wound up by the High Court on the petition of the team that developed the syscoin cryptocurrency.

The Official Receiver, who is an officer of the Court, was initially appointed to look into the company’s affairs but now, Liam Short and Graham Wolloff of this firm have been appointed to take those investigations a step further. Both Liam and Graham have extensive experience of pursuing complex claims in insolvency scenarios and they will be working closely with Selachii LLP Solicitors, in order to achieve and maximise the potential returns to creditors.

As part of that process, we need to identify anyone who is owed money by Moopay and to gather information from them about what took place and when. Those creditors are invited to contact us by email to our colleague, Brendan Peace to request the forms necessary to submit their claim and any information that will assist the liquidators in their task.