Unlocking funding for ailing businesses

The British Business Bank, a part of HM Government which offers funding to businesses to “Start-Up” or “Scale Up” or “Stay Ahead” has announced that it has provided a £100m facility to Hitachi Capital UK to fund a portfolio of new asset finance deals for SMEs. The Bank believes that asset finance is vital to many high-growth, small and medium-sized businesses because as they grow and scale-up, they will look to buy or replace plant and equipment.

Whilst the availability of such asset finance is not new, it can only be good that businesses have more options available. At EWS, we concentrate on a slightly different market by providing funding options for businesses that are looking to “Stay Alive”. We realise that in such situations it can be difficult to raise funding through traditional sources and so we have access to a bespoke Catalyst funding option that can provide a potential lifeline in those situations.

The advantages of the Catalyst option are that there is no need to “sell” your business turnaround plan to a third party as we are able to work with you on the plan and hence have the detailed knowledge of what funding is required. We will also be in a unique position to monitor the implementation and therefore be more flexible in dealing with any changes that may be necessary. Contact us if you know of a situation where the Catalyst funding option may be the perfect solution.