On 14 March 2016 a Winding-up Order was made by the High Court in England to put WSB Investment Ltd; a company which formerly traded under the name of “Binary Book”; into liquidation. The Official Receiver was initially appointed to deal with the liquidation and the investigation of any misconduct in the operation of the company’s affairs. On 11 April 2016, Liam Short and Graham Wolloff of this firm were appointed as joint liquidators of WSB Investment Ltd, with a view to trying to recover funds for that owed money as creditors of the company.

It is the joint liquidators’ understanding that WSB Investment Ltd was formerly trading as an unregulated binary options broker and trading platform under the name of Binary Book. However, as at today’s date, no one from WSB Investment Ltd has provided any information relating to the company to confirm this. The joint liquidators note, as, at today’s date, there is a live website at which is operating under the same trading name of Binary Book. Although it appears that same domain name was formerly under the control of the company, we confirm that WSB Investment Ltd has ceased to trade and that anyone who has dealt with that website since at least 14 March 2016 cannot have been dealing with WSB Investment Ltd. We have no definite confirmation of who is operating the website but note that the current front page footer refers to a company with the same name as WSB Investment Ltd registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and to a company operating in Bulgaria by the name of Tech SB Limited. Please note that the joint liquidators are not, in any way, connected with the operations of the current Binary Book website and that any dealings via that website will not entitle any party to make a claim in the liquidation of the English registered company of which we are the liquidators. Based on online reports, we urge extreme caution in respect of dealing with unregulated binary options trading and would recommend taking professional advice before proceeding with any such transactions.

Anyone who has concerns and believes that they are a creditor of the English registered company, WSB Investment Ltd, should complete the relevant creditor questionnaire available from the following links, Creditor questionnaire to report concerns or Creditor questionnaire to report potential recoveries. Additionally, creditors are requested to complete and return a ‘Proof of debt’ form available here. Once completed, the documents can be posted to our Leicester office or sent via email to James Saxton at

The joint liquidators are being assisted in their investigation into the affair of WSB Investment Ltd – in Liquidation by Selachii LLP Solicitors.