Services for Directors

Our Fixed Price Services are designed to meet the needs of businesses and individuals that require urgent help to deal with specific tasks or concerns they have regarding financial circumstances. This is offered as a more focussed, comprehensive and priority service compared with a standard general introductory meeting, offered free of charge by EWS and other similar providers.

All EWS Fixed Price Services are charged at a fixed fee of either £250 or £750, depending on the selected service, details of which can be found across the Corporate Offering, Individual Offering and Advice to Directors pages.

Whilst the information contained on our website will help you to understand some of the choices you that may be open to you, sometimes you need rapid assistance, in person, for peace of mind whilst you are dealing with the particular situation you find yourself in.

Each service comprises a session, either face-to-face at one of our EWS offices or via Skype (or other agreed virtual meeting media) with one of our expert team. These (circa) 2 hour sessions can be arranged at short notice.

At the conclusion of the session, we will start to compile a brief report with outline recommendations as appropriate. This report will then be emailed to you and may contain recommendations for further actions or interaction with EWS.

Some example reasons why you may prefer to utilise our Fixed Price Services.

1. You are starting to get concerned about your cashflow

2. You’ve just lost a key customer and are worried about the severe financial impact on your business

3. You are getting threatening letters in the post from your suppliers

4. Your credit card bills are escalating out of control

5. You are in arrears with your VAT or PAYE

6. You have just been served with a CCJ

7. You have mortgage arrears that are putting your commercial property or home at risk

Personal Guarantees

To directors either facing a claim or concerned about a potential claim from a bank / finance company / landlord / supplier.

Fixed fee to discuss the options available and advise accordingly – insurance cover may be available to guarantors – £250

Re-use of a prohibited name

To directors of a failed business in relation to the re-use of a prohibited name

Fixed fee to explain the law and procedures required under the Insolvency Act including the completion of statutory forms – £250

Director’s loan account issues

To directors concerned about their position in relation to an overdrawn loan account

Fixed fee to review the position and advise on an appropriate dividend / remuneration policy – £250

Duties when facing financial difficulty

To directors concerned about their personal position when their business is in financial difficulty

Fixed fee to examine the potential risks and advise on how to avoid or mitigate personal liabilities – £250

CDDA issues

To directors facing potential disqualification proceedings or enquiries under the Company Directors Disqualification Act

Fixed fee to undertake an initial assessment of the issues and advise on the procedure – £250

Claims from insolvency practitioners

To directors concerned about a potential claim from an insolvency practitioner in relation to fraudulent or wrongful trading, misfeasance, preferences or transactions at an undervalue

Fixed fee to undertake an initial assessment and advise on an appropriate course of action – £250