Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do. It’s this principle which continues to help us enjoy successful on-going partnerships with selected Finance Lenders in the UK. We understand the value of partnership and how it helps in growing our businesses together

Our reputation as a trusted independent Practice with high levels of personal services and ethics, make us a preferred partner, one you can trust to complement the services of your own organisation and deliver the best possible outcomes for end-clients.

For well-established Finance Lenders, we can offer a bespoke service where assistance is required for your clients in matters of corporate insolvency and business recovery. This can help you provide your clients with broader and trusted services which in turn may help some end-clients avoid insolvency proceedings.

We specialise in working with businesses in financial difficulty. We often provide advice across various corporate and individual insolvency procedures including liquidations, pre-pack administrations, bankruptcy and individual voluntary arrangements.

As an Affiliate, it is just like adding additional experts into your firm; helping you assess and advise on each client’s circumstances and delivering as little or as much professional input or involvement as required on a project by project basis.

We are able to offer your clients expert advice across a broad range of issues, including;

  • PAYE and VAT arrears
  • Negotiation with HMRC
  • Due Diligence
  • Financial Appraisals
  • Rescue and Turnaround Support
  • Insolvency Advice
  • Debt Management

With the option to interact and collaborate with qualified insolvency and business rescue experts, we can help you to extend your portfolio to new levels and add further to your client satisfaction and retention rates whilst offering additional revenue streams.

We would also like to hear from Lenders who are actively looking for new channels to promote their business ‘funds’. In today’s market, businesses are looking for a much broader choice in term of funding possibilities. The recent growth in Crowdfunding and Peer-to-Peer lending, in general, perfectly illustrates this.

At the start of an Affiliate relationship, we invest sufficient time to get to know you as people and as a business, providing you with a range of information and support to ensure you are best placed to maximise the advantages of being an Affiliate. Trusted business referrals have to be earnt over time, our support is therefore ongoing; investing time to provide relevant information and guidance on all aspects within our area of expertise to complement your services.